TER Chemicals – The Chemical Distributor of Choice

As a member of the TER GROUP, TER ITALIA S.R.L. further strengthens the group's increasing pan-European network. The branch offers the Italian customers

  • a rather extended range of speciality chemicals, whose distribution takes advantage of the ideally located warehousing in the country,
  • the rapid and efficient logistics.

It goes without saying, that the highest standards in storage, transportation and environmental safety are applied. We regularly audit the factories of our partners to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of products and reliability.

Making use of high professionalism, our industry experts consistently provide our customers with 

  • excellent service,
  • highly dedicated technical advice, 
  • the identification of more suitable and up-to-date solutions for the implementation of new products.

A close working relationship with our customers and joint success is of utmost importance to us and always the focus of our attention.